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Why I Am Looking Forward to Being an Adult

Thirty-nine days ago, I was a full-time, undergraduate student at Bradley University in Peoria, IL, studying Theatre Arts, with a concentration in Performance. Thirty-eight days ago, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts…

Within these past five weeks, there has already been so much growth and change in my life:

I’ve celebrated my college graduation with family and friends… I accepted full-time employment, with a salary and benefits, within two days of being out of college… I was graciously gifted a reliable vehicle that I use daily… My relationship with my significant other has been a beautiful challenge, and we continue to grow, share, love, and work at being the best that we can be… I will be moving into my first apartment, in my own name, a week from today… I have made contacts with many local leaders, and I’m getting to know the local community in my city… I regularly attend church, and (for the first time in my life) I am financially able to give consistently during the offering… My relationship with God has grown to an incredible level, and continues to do so. I’m doing stereotypical “adult” things, like expanding my political knowledge, paying bills, writing checks, tending to my car, getting insurance, calling home every once in a while, etc…

Surprisingly, this is what I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time…

I was always independent as a child. My mother tells me that I would often engage in leadership activities during playtime. I distinctly remember pretending to be the leader of a youth choir, or playing with my sister, Sojourner, and acting as school teachers and principals… My independence led me to teenage dating, gift-giving during Christmas, aspirations to open an arts-based youth center, starting college applications the day they were released, and more.

Becoming a full-time adult is not an easy transition… However, it has been a welcoming one.

I have so much to look forward to over these next few years… I don’t know where I will be, or what I’ll be doing… Yet, I know that my experience will only get better if I continue to strive and work towards achievement and success.

One of my life-long goals is to continuously show support for the youth in our world. I hope that I am being a healthy example of what it means to be an adult... Because, this transition shouldn’t only be about myself… 1) I know that there might be children, or even friends my age, that are looking to me as a role model. 2) Becoming an adult currently has a negative reputation, and most people aren’t exactly looking forward to this stage of life.

If there’s anything that I’d want you to take away from my experience, let it be this:

This is the time to make a difference… In your own life, and in anyone else’s… Prove to the world that becoming an adult is a sacred transition… and one that we should look forward to.


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